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Serdev Suture Set, 28 April 2009, 15:33
   Serdev Suture Set
  Combining the Finest in Threadlift Art & Technology
  ~ Thread Rejuvenation with the Serdev Technique
  Introducing the Serdev Suture Set, a new threadlift technique from the highly acclaimed Dr Nikolay Serdev, Cosmetic Surgeon from Europe. Thread lift with the Serdev Technique is the most recent method for remodeling and/or rejuvenating the face and body. With this innovative technique it is now possible for the serious surgical interventions to be replaced by such simple yet effective procedures. This method of "Serdev Suture" liftings can be used in any part of the face and body to correct early sagging and flabbiness of the tissue without causing any scars.
  The Serdev Technique is less traumatic for the patient and leaves no significant punctures or no scars. Patients can expect a rapid recovery, less swelling and less bruising. The unique Serdev Sutures comes in five unique needle sizes and six polycaproamide braided and semi-elastic threads that are antimicrobial, and resorbable in three years. Indications for the sutures include temporal face-lift, lower face-lift, supra-temporal lift, medial face-lift, brow lift, chin enhancement, buttock lift, breast lift, inner thigh lift, and abdominal flaccidity; thread rejuvenation for natural looking enhancements. Good results from this technique last between five to ten years.
  About Dr Nikolay Petrov Serdev
  Dr Nikolay Petrov Serdev graduated from the Medical Academy of Sofia, Bulgaria, in 1973. Founder of the unique Serdev Suture Techniques, Dr Serdev had the following honours awarded for his contribution to international Cosmetic Surgery: -
  "Lifetime Achievement Award for Inventions in Cosmetic Surgery", International College if Cosmetic Surgery, 2003
  "World Leader in Cosmetic Surgery", International College of Cosmetic Surgery, 2000
  The Best Aesthetic Surgeons in Europe", International Society of Aesthetic Surgery, 2000