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Newsletter for Master Class in Face Lift 2
 www.­eusas.­com/­07-­01-­workshop-­cambridge.­php, 15 May 2009, 01:19
   Dear friends and colleagues,
  I would like to update you on the Master Class in Face Lifting that we held on the 27, 28 January.
  This live workshop was a resounding success; the course was completely full with one hundred surgeons from 17 different countries attending.
  The faculty was formidable and covered the whole aspect of face lifting both surgical and non surgical. (See the Master Class Programme below).
  After the introduction, we had fantastic lectures of the latest in face lifting by Prof. Botti from Italy, followed by a wonderful lecture by Prof. Mario Ceravolo which complimented Prof. Botti's lecture.
  I then gave an overview on facial rejuvenation which was well received. Lunch was served followed by live surgery.
  We performed the following operations live.
  CASE 1
  Upper + lower blepharoplasty together with Endo-brow lifting and a full face lift + SMAS
   CASE 2
  by Prof. Botti who performed a face lift with lower bleph dissecting the whole mid face. This was a excellent demonstration.
  CASE 3
  Cheek implants followed by a lower blepharoplasty and canthopexy.
  Every one was impressed!!! More lectures were given by Prof. Raspado on his idea of facial rejuvenation and a delightful talk on the Orbicularis muscle.
  Prof. M. Sulamandze and Prof. N. Serdev gave excellent account of their techniques.
  We followed these with 8 cases of live surgery demonstrating the APTOS AND SERDEV every participant was satisfied.
  A gala dinner was held to commemorate the occasion and both the invited faculty and members of the board of the ESAS were honored with the trophy from the society. 16 points were awarded as CME credit.
  The aim of this work shop is the first of many workshops organized by the ESAS.
  Top of page
   2 day course
  How to do it Facial Rejuvenation Ancilliary Procedures
  ‘S’ Lift & MACS Lift Aptos Methods Blepharoplasty
  SMAS Surgery Serdev Stitches Role of Botulinum Toxin
  Sub-periostal Facelift Endoscopic Surgery Dermal Fillers
  The 2nd Edition of the Master Class in Face Lift Live Surgery Workshop was held at the Cambridge Private Hospital and hosted by the European Society of Aesthetic Surgery (ESAS), where we presented live surgery by an internationally renowned faculty.
  The aim of the meeting was to provide a comprehensive course for both beginners and advanced practitioners. The international faculty included Plastic Surgeon Dr. Giovanni Botti, Mr Anthony Erian, Mr Dev Roy, Dr Mario Pelle Ceravolo, Prof Toma Mugea, Dr Herve Raspaldo, Dr Sulamanidze, Prof Nikolay Serdev and Mr Labros Chatzis.
  We also presented lectures on facial rejuvenation to enhance the beauty of the face and discuss aspects of facial beautification that are essential nowadays to compliment and cover a growing industry in a demanding world. CME accreditation applied for.
  Course Chairman
  Mr. Anthony Erian, Plastic Surgeon, UK
  International Faculty
  Dr Giovanni Botti, Plastic Surgeon, Italy
  Dr Mario Pelle Ceravolo, Plastic Surgeon, Italy
  Mr Anthony Erian, Plastic Surgeon, UK
  Prof Toma Mugea, Plastic Surgeon, Romania
  Dr Herve Raspaldo, Facial Plastic Surgeon, France
  Mr Dev Roy, ENT & Facial Plastic Surgeon, UK
  Dr Sulamanidze, Plastic Surgeon, Russia
  Prof Nikolay Serdev, Cosmetic Surgeon, Bulgaria
  Mr Labros Chatzis, Plastic Surgeon, UK
  Top of page
  Saturday 27th
  08:30 Introduction & Welcome, Mr Anthony Erian, UK
  08:40 Different Approaches to Face Lifting, Prof Giovanni Botti, Italy
  09:40 Orbito-Malarplasty, Dr Mario Pelle Ceravolo, Italy
  10:10 Coffee Break
  10:30 Update on Facial Rejuvenation, Mr Anthony Erian, UK
  11:00 Midface Lifting, Dr Giovanni Botti, Italy
  11:30 Panel Discussion
  12:00 Lunch Break
  13:00 LIVE SURGERY & Pre-recorded Surgery (Room 2)
  14:00 Anatomy of the Face, Mr Dev Roy, UK (30 min.)
  16:00 SMAS & Upper Face - No Scars Technique, Dr Nikolay Serdev, Bulgaria (30 min.)
  17:00 Autologous Fat Transfer, Prof Toma Mugea, Romania (30 min.)
  20:00 Gala Dinner
  Sunday 28th
  08:30 Post-Operative Review
  09:30 Endoscopic Face Brow Midface and Neck Lift, Dr Herve Raspaldo, France
  10:00 Advanced Neck Sculpting, Dr Mario Pelle Ceravolo, Italy
  10:30 Coffee Break
  11:00 Pitfall of Lipo Neck & Fat Grafting, Mr Anthony Erian, UK
  11:30 Ten years experience in APTOS Methods, Dr Sulamanidze, Russia
  12:00 Lunch Break
  13:00 UK Botox & New Fillers – An Update, Dr Herve Raspaldo, France
  13:30 Dermal Fillers, Mr Dev Roy, UK
  14:00 LIVE SURGERY & Pre-recorded Surgery (Room 2)
   Aptos Threads / Threadlift, Dr Sulamanidze
   Serdev Sutures, Dr Nikolay Serdev, Bulgaria
   Botox / Dysport and Dermal Fillers, Mr Labros Chatzis & Mr Dev Roy, UK