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More about Serdev Resorbable Threads (PDF)
 Syy clinic, 28 April 2009, 16:41
  and remodel the face and body with confidence...
  Now with the innovative
  Serdev Sutures for minimally invasive
  threadlift enhancements.
  Combining the Finest in Threadlift Art & Technology
  Thread Rejuvenation Serdev Technique
  The aim of modern aesthetic surgery is to create aesthetic forms and proportions for the face and body with the purpose of beautification. Invasive surgical interventions with long downtime can now be replaced by minimally invasive procedures with better recovery time, and one of those new treatment methods is the Scarless "Serdev Suture" lifts.
  From the highly acclaimed Dr Nikolay Serdev, Cosmetic Surgeon from Europe and founder of the unique Serdev Suture Techniques, Dr Serdev held many honours for his contributions to international cosmetic surgery.
  Presenting new threadlift techniques with the Serdev Suture Set, a full face and body beautification can now be achieved with reduced trauma, scars, and bleeding.
  Benefits of Serdev Sutures
  Local anaesthesia
  - able to resume normal activities after the procedure Less traumatic experience for patients
  Leaving few punctures or no visible scars
  Rapid recovery
  - reduced downtime
  - Less swelling & bruising
  Complements with other aesthetic treatments
  Making it known
  On 938Live MediaCorp radio talkshow, Dr Serdev shared about the technology of the Serdev Suture techniques.
  Other related media mentions include:
  M.U-INT SHAPE (May 06)
  Harper's Bazaar (July 06)
  Medical Grapevine (Aug-Sep 06)
  U-Weekly, Issue 26-10, (June 06)
  Frequently Asked questions
  What are Serdev Sutures?
  The unique barbless Serdev Sutures are polycaproamide braided, semi-elastic, antimicrobial and resorbable threads, which are especially suitable for natural looking enhancements & for correcting early sagging and flabbiness of the tissue, without causing any scars.
  What areas can be treated with Serdev Sutures? The Scarless "Serdev Suture" Lifting Technique can be use on any part of the face & body, such as abdominal flaccidity, chin enhancement, brow lift, ear correction, nose tip and alar refinement, as well as whole face, buttock, breast and inner thigh lifts.
  How soon can I see the results?
  The results are immediate, but may be accompanied by some slight swelling or transient bruising for some patients for a few days to a week after the procedure, before gradually disappearing.
  How long does the procedure take? The procedure is usually quick and performed under local anesthesia, but the actual length of time depends on the area to be treated, the degree of sagging and expertise of doctor, thereby affecting the number of threads to be used and time required for the procedure.
  How long will the results last?
  Results can last for several years, again depending on various factors such as area treated and the natural aging process.
  How long is the recovery period? The patient can resume their normal activities after the procedure, but are advised against exposing the treated areas to direct sunlight. Beach activities are possible as long as there is total sun protection.