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26 May 2020, 13:07

Dr Nikolay Serdev invited in Dublin to teach in Vaser liposelection, leg elongation and beautification, 5 March 2009, 21:05
   From: Catherine Trebble
  Sent: Tuesday, February 03, 2009 11:34 PM
  To: Nikolay Serdev
  Subject: Training
  Hi Nikolay,
  I am looking for some Vaser training for a new plastic surgeon (Mr. Munir Alam) who is joining us very shortly. Munir has liposuction experience, and some ultrasonic experience with the older technology.
  There is already a surgeon working part time here (Mr. Mujeeb Ashraf) who was trained last June by Dr. Duncan Turner from California. At the time there were three surgeons training together - we hosted the training here in Dublin for Duncan. This training focused mainly on abdomen and outer / inner thighs.
  Munir has completed over 100 cases at this stage, including several Gynecomastia cases. Munir has also tried the hyperhydrosis procedure as per the published protocol, with limited success. He'd LOVE a workshop from yourself, as Simon has spoken very highly of both your technical, and your teaching skills.
  I also understand you are THE Dr. Serdev of the Serdev suture lift fame. I'm sure Munir would be delighted to discuss this with you, as only yesterday we were having a conversation about the possibility of introducing some form of thread lift procedure to our clinic.
  Would either the weekend of 7th / 8th March, or 14th / 15th March suit you?
  I look forward to your reply, and hopefully meeting you in person soon.
  Warmest regards,
  Catherine Trebble
  From: Simon Davis
  To: Catherine Dndro clinic
  Cc: Nikolay Serdev
  Sent: Tuesday, February 03, 2009 12:27 PM
  Subject: Training!
  Hi Catherine,
  I have cc’d Nikolay on this as you and he MUST start talking regarding your training needs!! Nikolay is a true master with Ultrasound-Assisted Lipo and I feel he would be an outstanding teacher to bring your current Drs (and your new Plastic Surgeon) up to speed on all aspects of Vaser Lipo. You could either arrange to send your new Dr. to Nikolay, or, better yet, develop a w/end workshop in your facility and bring Nikolay over to teach this. I have attached (and I hope Nikolay does not mind!) a 12-hr post-op photo of Nikolay’s Vaser case which I had the good fortune to observe!!
  Nikolay, Catherine owns and operates one of our higher volume clinics in Dublin and is very keen to get a new Dr. trained as well as “upgrading” the skills of her existing Drs!
  Hopefully, you two can both work something out!!
  Simon Davies
  Director, Europe
  Sound Surgical Technologies LLC