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Serdev Scarless Inner Thigh Lift
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Prof. Nikolay Serdev M.D., Ph.D selected to ...
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 Serdev Lift / Suture Suspension Background Information

   Gravity may keep us “grounded” but it also leads to facial sags and droops, which begin by the fourth decade of life. Previously round and full cheeks take on a flat appearance, and nasal-labial and marionette folds are accentuated by this cheek ... (more)


   Professor Nikolay Serdev graduated from the Medical University of Sofia in 1974. He is board certified in surgery and cosmetic (aesthetic) surgery by the Ministry of Health of Bulgaria as well as by the International Board of Cosmetic Surgery ... (more)

 The Mexican Academy of Cosmetic Surgery thanks Dr. Serdev for his outstanding support

   AMCC   ACADEMIA MEXICANA OF CIRUGIA COSMETICA      September 17th, 2008.      Dear Dr. Serdev:      On behalf of the Mexican Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, I would like to thank ... (more)

 Serdev Scarless Inner Thigh Lift

   Excisional thigh and buttock operations present a traumatic surgery and result in significant scarring. Serdev suture is a method allowing an atraumatic scarless lift of the inner thigh skin.      Anatomy   Inner ... (more)

 About Serdev Suture Suspension

   About Serdev Suture Suspension         Serdev Suture Suspension Defined   Suture Suspension is the procedure that lifts loose skin or flabby soft issue. Traditional lifts required a surgeon to make large, ... (more)

 Prof. Nikolay Serdev M.D., Ph.D selected to receive a nomination as one of The 100 Best Cosmetic Surgeons of the world.

   Dear IBCS Board member Prof. Nikolay Serdev M.D., Ph.D,   Merit your selfless work and scientific contribution in the development of cosmetic surgery as a new medical discipline around the world, the scientific committee of the 52nd ... (more)

 Serdev Suture Lifting Methods - Instrumentation

   “SERDEV SUTURE” SET      GOODS DESCRIPTION      A. SERDEV NEEDLES – FACE, BREASTS   -MINI MINI for nose: tip and allar base   -MINI for brow, chin   -SMALL for ... (more)

 Serdev Suture Lifting Methods - threads

   “SERDEV SUTURE” SET      GOODS DESCRIPTION   B. BULGARIAN POLYCAPROAMID ANTIMICROBIAL SUTURES   -No 3/0 (10 meters) for ear and nose: tip & base   -No 0 (10 meters) for chin & brow ... (more)

 Hands on training in the revolutionary "Serdev Suture Suspension Lift (SSL)

   The Centers for Health Promotion, Inc., a leader in post graduate cosmetic procedure training, is happy to give you an opportunity to receive hands on training in the revolutionary "Serdev Suture Suspension Lift (SSL) System by technique ... (more)

 French Society of Aesthetic Surgery thanks dr. Nikolay Serdev for his precious contribution and support to its congress

   Dear Doctor Serdev,   On behalf of the SFCE Board and the Organizing Committee we would like to thank you for your participation and your precious contribution to the success of the recent 25th International Congress of the SFCE ... (more)

 The National Bulgarian Society for Aesthetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine fulfilled 15 years

   The National Bulgarian Society for Aesthetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine fulfilled 15 years of activity on 12.04.2008. To celebrate the anniversary all its’members gathered at the Panorama Restaurant of Park Hotel Moscow. As it happens every ... (more)

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